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If you are facing a divorce involving children, child support is one of the most important, and often contentious, issues that will arise. It is important to work with an experienced attorney who can help you through the process.

As a Charlotte child support lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, I represent clients throughout Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. I can educate you on your rights and options, protect your interests and walk you through the entire divorce process. I will work with you to arrive at a child support order that provides your child with adequate support.

North Carolina Child Support

Generally, North Carolina judges and attorneys use the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines to calculate and determine child support. Sometimes a deviation from the Guidelines is needed and I can bring any special circumstances to the judge’s attention to request a variation from the Guidelines. It is important to get the support order right in the first place whenever possible. Going back and making changes can be difficult and can present a number of unnecessary challenges.

Child Support Modification And Enforcement

There are circumstances in which your child support order may need to be modified, which can include:

  • Increase in ability to pay from promotion or job change
  • Decrease in ability to pay as a result of a demotion or job loss
  • Change in day care needs
  • Change in timesharing plan
  • Child’s injury or illness causing increase in need for medical treatment and other accommodations

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you need a modification. I can act on your behalf immediately to get the process started and put in the best case for you.

Child Support Enforcement

When a court orders child support, it is a legally enforceable order. Failure to follow the order is a serious issue. You could be facing jail time, liens on bank accounts or suspended driving privileges. If you find yourself in contempt of court, or even before that, if possible, call me as soon as you can to start working on solutions for you and protecting your rights. I am familiar with how the process works, and I have represented countless clients in matters involving the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

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