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Child Custody/Visitation Plan That Will Work For The Long Term

When facing a divorce, emotions run high. It is important to find a long term plan which will work for you and your children as they change and get older. When drafting a child support agreement or parenting plan, it is essential to work with a Charlotte child custody attorney with experience handling these matters.

I have been handling child custody matters for my North Carolina clients for more than 25 years. I can help you see potential issues which might arise as well as formulating a long term plan which works for you and your children. During the emotional time of a divorce, I can provide a clear, objective eye to help you avoid common pitfalls and draft a child custody agreement that will protect your relationship with your children for years to come. If agreements are not possible, I will use my years of courtroom experience to get the best possible result.

Child Custody Arrangements

Generally, child custody can be arranged in one of two ways:

  • Child custody agreement: A child custody agreement is when both parties work together to create their own parenting plan. This allows parents to arrive at the best plan for their individual needs and their children’s needs.
  • Child custody order: In situations where the couple cannot come to an agreement on their own, the issues will be determined through litigation. When that occurs, a judge issues a child custody/parenting plan order that is binding on the parties.

I can represent you in litigation or in a negotiation to determine your parenting plan or custody and visitation schedule. Whenever possible, I will work towards finding solutions that keep parties out of the courtroom. In most cases, this approach is much less stressful and less expensive, and it allows the divorcing couple to have a more personally tailored custody schedule that will work for them.

Custody And Immigration Issues

It is important to talk with a lawyer if you or the child’s other parent is leaving the country. You will need to focus on how such a departure impacts child custody and visitation. Such a change will most likely impact the parenting plan, child support agreement and other aspects of the divorce decree. I work to protect parental rights in immigration and custody matters, and I can help you get the best arrangement possible if one of the parents is leaving the country.

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